The 3 best spots to get your caffeine hit!

Close-up of person pouring milk into a cup of coffee at Brady Hotels Jones Lane

Melbourne is such a wonderful place to visit if you are a coffee fanatic, with many high-end cafés pouring delicious coffee every day. However, be prepared to sacrifice up to $6 on this caffeine drink. As coffee is regularly enjoyed in Melbourne, I have done the hard yards and researched the top three coffee destinations in the CBD to share with you all where you can next go to get your caffeine hit.

Before I divulge the five favourite cafés in Melbourne, I thought it would be best to introduce why and how Melbourne ranks so highly in the world for best cup of coffee. The caffeine drink is traced back centuries to the ancient coffee forest located in Ethiopia. Making its way through Europe and The Americas, coffee trees had been planted worldwide and by the end of the 18th century, coffee had become one of the world’s most profitable export crops.

Following the years after World War II, Italian immigrants that first settled in Melbourne’s inner suburbs craved the authentic flavour of coffee from their hometown. Coffee surged in its popularity around Melbourne, becoming renowned as Australia’s coffee capital.

It can be a little overwhelming for those of you who are not hard-core coffee drinkers to articulate your coffee orders, with over nine different brewing techniques alone. Then the added difficulty of all the options nowadays. Options of full cream milk, skinny, low fat, or the fact that we now have all different vegan milk alternatives, we are spoilt when it comes to the diverse ways you can enjoy coffee.

#1 Industry Beans

Founded by brothers Steven and Trevor Simmons in 2010, with a vision to abandon old approaches and offer the ultimate coffee experience to their community. With its clean and crisp interior design this café is a fantastic location for an Instagram shot, even though the Little Collins Street location is not that big it still allows for few seats inside to sit an enjoy your hot or cold Coffee beverage. The location is very central only two trams stop away from flinders street tucked around the corner of Elizabeth and Little Collins

345 Little Collins Street

#2 Dukes Coffee Roaster

Ever walked into a café and thought wow they know what they are doing! Dukes Coffee takes making coffee to a new level. With their two blends providing their customers with options of a more organic coffee blend, Highwire. ‘Challenging the expectation that coffee can be either amazing quality or organic, but not both’ and a more traditional blend, Market. Which delivers high strength and bold flavour under milk. Their location 247 Flinders Lane is so close to Flinders Street Station so perfect for the city commuters.

 247 Flinders Lane, Melbourne

# First Love Coffee

First Love Coffee is located on one of the most sophisticated streets in Melbourne, Collins Street. Collins Street is known for its designer stores and heritage buildings, five-star hotels, private clubs, and exclusive jewellers. Having such a big reputation for the “high end” of Collins Street of course there is going to be a coffee shop that is equally as “high end.” Not only do they serve delicious coffee, but they also have an amazing array of sweet pastries to accompany any hot beverage.

Melbourne has so many cafes around the city and each individually trying to do something new and creative with their products, these where only some of the beautiful places to get a caffeine fix, and it is always great to explore what new cafes are out there. I hope you enjoy your next cup of coffee!

Tenancy 4/433 Collins St, Melbourne