Social Responsibility

As a proudly owned and operated Melbourne Hotel Group. It is naturally embedded in Brady Hotels & Apartments that social responsibility is a given. We are dedicated to creating a positive and safe platform to serve our communities.  

Staying local and Melbourne focused is our biggest advantage when it comes to our promise. Our teams are constantly learning and innovating sustainable methods on how we can continue to connect with our local and regional communities to assist where we can. Whether through business partnerships, collaborations, donations, and or volunteering. These genuine gestures are not only reflected on a professional level but are also demonstrated personally by Brady team members.

Our mission is always evolving and adapting to the changes we experience as a city. But the real difference, is when we come together as a community and this is reflective through our ethos, and our unique intentional business structure, that offers far more than just a memorable stay. We live and breathe the true reflection of what Melbourne is about.

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Charitable Donations

We have been fortunate to support and give back to many charitable organisations across the years since opening in 2014. Some of the highlights are since 2019 Brady Group has participated consecutively in the annual Million Dollar Lunch, hosted by Children’s Cancer Foundation. This year, The Million Dollar Lunch 2022 raised a breaking $2,753,724. 

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Partnerships are a critical aspect to enhancing short- and long-term social responsibility. It’s a benefit for all involved. Brady Hotels Group has had the opportunity to form new and maintain existing partnerships with recognised companies. Some of these include RMIT University, VTIC (Victoria Tourism Industry Council) & AAOA (Accommodation Association of Australia). Working together to connect, stay updated with industry demands and provide support in areas of work experience and placement opportunities for our local domestic and international students. 

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Local Business support

Alongside with our larger Partnerships, working with local small to medium size businesses are also a focus for Brady Hotels & Apartments. The importance of referring business and collaborating to provide a personalised guest experience, is what we are known for. This is demonstrated through our Eat & Drink Melbourne & What’s on pages available on our website the list is curated by recommendations from staff and guests supporting the bars, restaurants, and attractions close by to our hotels in Melbournes.