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To reduce and monitor our water usage. We have selected water saving shower head systems and taps to reduce excessive water pressure and use in all hotels. 

To re-use supply of rainwater we utilise our 25,000L Industrial Fire water tanks on the roofs of our hotels. By applying this practise, we not only save water, but offer easy access to water in a case of a fire.

Installed in all the hotels are Rinnai HD200e instantaneous water units. Instantaneous water heating solutions help us save on gas energy and water usage. As hot water is only produced when you need, unlike cylinder hot water systems that consume energy even when you don’t use any hot water. 

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Gas & Electricity

Our reception foyer & hallways throughout the hotels are fitted with lobby censored lighting to save energy. We also extend this to energy saving light bulb in every room, where all power is controlled by a card. 

Our OTIS elevators onsite are self-generated when it comes to re-using power. The ReGen Otis is a traction elevator specifically designed to capture heat during use and convert into reusable energy for the building rather than wasting it as heat.

Air-conditioning and heating has highest setting 26c and lowest 16c to prevent excess energy use.

Use of Battery Door lock system on all doors throughout the property also have their impact on cost savings in moving away from a reliance on electrical power. Additionally, batteries used in a battery-powered electronic access control system can be recycled resulting in further reduction.

Transfer from paper to Canary Hotel check in system, to reduce use of paper and a more efficient check in solution for our guests.

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Waste Management

We carefully partner with selected Australian-owned suppliers. Vanity Group is one of preferred suppliers we partner with for Urban Skincare co. as our hair and skin hotel amenities in all the hotels. They are not only recognized for their vegan friendly and quality formulated products. Their focus on sustainability is seen from the inside out of their brands. Vanity Group Packaging is EcoPure, which assists in the breakdown of plastic, use Post-Consumer Recycled plastic and are constantly innovating to ensure their packaging is sustainable. 

Our waste system includes a general waste bin and separate recylicing for all glass, hard plastics and paper.

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Green spaces & our tips

Utilising unused space in our hotel and turning into green spaces, not only brightens up the area. But lessen the effects of pollution and can reduce trapped heat in built-up spaces. Brady Hotels Jones Lane, have 2 terraces with large green planted out spaces. Brady Apartment Hotel Hardware Lane has planter boxes on majority of the balconies, Brady Hotel Central Melbourne, has real plants in the lobby and public areas.

Green Tips:
•    Turn off lights you are not using 
•    Take out power card when you leave your room 
•    Take shorter showers 
•    Turn off water when shaving, brushing teeth, washing hands
•    Use cold water when doing laundry 
•    Reducing in washing linen and towel use