Three late night dessert spots you must try!

Chocolate desserts & snacks at Brady Hotels

In making this list of my top three late night snack locations, I asked myself what I am craving late at night and where can I go to cure this craving. Obviously, you do not want to move to hastily and make the wrong decision. So, I am here to tell you where in Melbourne you can go and will not be disappointed. Firstly, you need a menu that shows vast variety and flexibility. Now in saying this sometimes too many options can be distracting and the fear of making the wrong decision can become too much, and for those people who just want a simple dessert bar Lukumades is the place for you. 

Greek Doughnuts smothered in Nutella sprinkled with Oreos… Nutella not for you? What about melted biscoff with lotus crushed biscuits… more of a plain jane kind of doughnut lover? They have the perfect Greek doughnut for you, simply rolled in cinnamon sugar. No one can be disappointed by Lukumades, they have over eighteen toppings to select from. Or you can opt to pay an extra $2.00 and go half and half. Now for this to be worth the mention it needed to have great opening hours, and lucky for us Melbournians all three stores are open until 11:00pm.  Do yourself a favour and taste these amazing, delicious doughnuts for yourself.
83 Peel Street, Melbourne 
346 Lygon Street, Carlton VIC 

Now to add a little competition to your dessert choice we have the very best Churros in Melbourne coming out piping hot and straight into cinnamon sugar. Since March 2006 San Churro Churro has been providing hand-crafted-in-store Spanish doughnuts and must be one of my personal favourite desserts. Who can say no to dunking churros in melted Milk, White or Dark chocolate? At San Churro they pride themselves in making the best churros but also on the menu are hot and cold beverages, shakes, gelato, sundaes, fondue and even some savoury options.  Opening times for San Churro also ticks the box for late night snack as they are open till 12:00am on Saturday nights.
Shop LTL255, Swanston Street, Melbourne

Finally, my last recommendation, Sticksies located in Lygon Street Carlton. A cheesecake on a stick dipped in a coated of your choice. With over eleven different flavours and toppings it can be hard to know what to order for your first time. Do not worry I have detailed my go to orders for you. Pistachio delight, which consists of a pistachio spread coating with crushed pistachio sprinkled on top. My second recommendation would be bueno surprise, hazelnut spread, milk chocolate drizzled over top with crushed biscuit. If you are thinking this is a weird way to eat a cheesecake, you’re not wrong but just wait until you taste it. The hot/cold sensation on your taste buds will keep you wanting more. Sticksies would not be on this list if it wasn’t open till 11:30 every single night of the week!
344 Lygon Street, Carlton VIC