Free Wi-Fi

Close-up of Free Wi-Fi connection on a mobile at Brady Apartment Hotel Flinders Street

Nowadays, staying connected while traveling is more important than ever, and at Brady Apartment Hotel Flinders Street, we understand the importance of providing our guests with reliable and fast Wi-Fi. That's why we're happy to announce that Wi-Fi is free all around you! Whether you're in your room, the lobby, or any other common areas, you can stay connected with our high-speed Wi-Fi network.

To connect to the Wi-Fi, all you need to do is jump onto Brady Hotels Wi-Fi network and enter the password for the current month. For this month, the password is psgpzc (all lowercase). Once you're connected, you can browse the internet, check your email, stream videos, and do whatever you need to stay connected to the digital world.

We understand that staying connected is important for both business and leisure travellers, and that's why we've made it a priority to offer high-speed Wi-Fi throughout the hotel. So, whether you're here for work or play, you can rest assured that you'll be able to stay connected with ease.